Greek Islands


September 2021

14 Nights






The A-List of Must-See Greek Destinations 

All-Inclusive Group Tours

Price Includes:

  • All airfare from Newark, NJ or JFK, NY to Greece, and all airfare within Greece (if applicable)

  • All Hotel Accommodations

  • All Scheduled Museums/Entrance Fees

  • All Scheduled Transportation

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on almost all days of the tours.

    • *1 Day per week does not include a lunch, and 1 day does not include a dinner, giving you the freedom to spend 1 afternoon and 1 evening per week as you please.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a personalized experience not found with other tour operators.

Our travelers are our family. 


Specially designed routes offer a large variety of sights & activities at no extra cost

Greek-American tour guides provide expert knowledge in all aspects Greek history & culture


Experience Greece as a local 

Explore beyond the tourist spots 

Enjoy traditional Greek food

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