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Thessaloniki / Skopelos / Skiathos / Alonissos Halkidiki / Pelion / Meteora

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Beginning in Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city after Athens, we explore the city's history and its modern culture. As we make our way outside the city and throughout the Macedonian region we make stops at Edessa and explore its waterfalls, Pozar for its hot springs, and Kavala further to the east for its history, among others.


From the mainland we make our way to the island of Thasos which is known for its greenery and beaches. On our way back we pass through the Halkidiki peninsula to enjoy beaches and view the Agios Oros section which is occupied solely by the Greek Orthodox Church. 

Deprting Halkidiki we catamaran our way to the three Central Greece Sporadic Islands of Alonissos, Skopelos, and Skiathos. After our island excursion we travel west to the mainland town of Portaria on top of the mountain Pelion  known for its traditional architecture and stunning views. As we depart the mountains we head back up north making a stop at the cliffs of Meteora while visiting monastaries and viewing the geographical formations.

All-Inclusive Price

Airfare, Transportation, Lodging, Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), and Museums/Activity Fees

16 Days    14 Nights

The price of the tour includes all airfare costs, hotel accommodations, transportation, scheduled museum and entrance fees, Activities, plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner on almost all days of the trip (2 Days of the trip will not include a lunch, and 2 separate days will not include a dinner, giving you the freedom to spend 2 afternoons and 2 evenings as you please).

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